BEVA® 371 film (65 µm) – 1,2 cm x 3550 cm

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BEVA® 371 film (25 µm) is made especially for applications where it is desirable to use a thinner layer of adhesive. This may be the case in the conservation of works of art on paper, assembling collages or mounting works of art on paper.

• BEVA® 371 film is solvent-free and does not produce any harmful solvent vapors during application.

• The transparent support allows the film to be cut precisely any shape and to place it exactly where desired. This is particularly useful in the consolidation of collages and fragile materials.

• Since BEVA® 371 does not adhere to anything before it is activated with either heat or solvents; it can be inserted into loose areas, and delaminated regions and then properly aligned while the adhesive is inactive. The adhesive is then activated with a hot air blower at a temperature of 150°F or 65°C.

• BEVA® 371 is equally useful for textile and paper conservation. Since it is not a liquid, it can be applied to small, clearly defined areas without fear of spreading. If a thicker application is needed, then two layers of the 25 µ film may be used or one layer of the standard BEVA® 371 film (65 µm) may be applied.

• BEVA® 371 can be removed from absorbent surfaces by using hexane or acetone, provided these solvents do not damage the art work involved. These solvents do not damage the work of art involved. These solvents do not dissolve the adhesive, but merely swell it and, therefore, do not contaminate or stain the absorbent materials.

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