Wacker Silres OH 100

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A concentrated consolidant based on ethyl silicate, solvent-free, to be diluted with solvents, for the consolidation of building materials.


  • Appearance: colourless to straw yellow liquid
  • Density at 25°C: 1 kg/l
  • Active material content: 100%
Product description

SILRES® BS OH 100 is a solventless, ready-to-use product for the consolidation of construction materials.

Special features

– one-pack system – therefore easy processing

– low-molecular – therefore optimum penetration

– tack-free drying – therefore no dirt attraction

– no by-products that are damaging to the building material

– the binder formed is mineral – therefore resembling the building material

– the binder formed is acid-resistant-therefore resistant to rainwater

– pores are not sealed – therefore the treated building material maintains its water vapour permeability

Mode of action

SILRES® BS OH 100 is based on ethyl silicate. When applied, it penetrates through the capillaries deep into the construction material. The neutral catalyst promotes the reaction between ethyl silicate and water from atmospheric humidity or the moisture in the capillary pores. A glass-like silica gel binder (SiO2 .aq.) is formed. The ethanol by product evaporates. Under standard conditions (20°C / 50% r. h. ), final hardness is reached after two weeks, i. e. when most of the ethyl silicate has been converted to silica gel. The product does not contain any hydrophobic additives such as silanes or siloxanes. Before the reaction is complete, the treated surface may show slight beading, though this does not mean that it is water repellent.


The main application of the product is to restore weather-damaged natural stone, stucco or frescos. It may also be used to treat other construction materials such as brick or terracotta.

Any absorbent mineral construction material can be treated with SILRES® BS OH 100. By saturation with the product, their original strength and porosity can be practically restored.


Preliminary test, test area Due to the fact that the degree of deterioration will differ from one building material to the next, the instructions given in the following can only serve as general guidelines for successful restoration:

– Determine the exact state of the substrate which is to be consolidated (binder, salt content, porosity, etc.);

– Establish the necessary steps to be taken and likely material consumption;

– Mark out a sufficiently large test area (also used to determine the material consumption) and check the results by looking for discoloration and making relevant physical measurements;

– Check that the necessary steps are taken and monitor material consumption;

– Carry out thorough final tests.

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