Aquazol 500 – hoog visceus

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In water oplosbare hars als een binder/lijm voor restauratiewerk.

Aquazol is the logo that distinguishes a family of thermoplastic polymers formed by poly(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline) which have good resistance to ageing and high reversibility. They can be used both as adhesives and consolidants of paint layers. One of its most interesting properties is its complete solubility in water, as well as in a wide variety of polar solvents. It can so replace water-based adhesives like the animal gelatin (“colletta”) or acrylic or polyvinylacetate emulsions.


Appearance: Yellowish granules
Glass transition
temperature (Tg): 69-71°C
pH in aqueous solution: neutral (6-7)
Molecular weight: 500.000

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