Dragon’s Blood – powder (PR 31)

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Chemical Formula:C18H18O4

Chemical description:Resinous exudation from Daemonorops draco and other rattan palms.


Colour Index:NR 31.75200,75210

Suitability:Acrylics, Tempera, Violin Varnish /Wooden Surfaces

Lightfastness:Concentrated: 3, Medium: , Thinned: (1 is poor, 8 is best).

A natural resin derived from the fruit of the “Calamus Draco Wild” and other species of the family Palmae which grow in Indonesia and Indochina. Dragon’s Blood occurs as roundish agglomerates, of brown red colour externally and carmine red internally; it is partially soluble in alcohol and is used for the preparation of coloured varnishes for musical instruments and old furniture and for the mecca balsam.

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